People say I’m shady and I’m kind of mean. They tell me I have changed. They say I don’t give enough chances to forgive people. Is it until I am cut off by the legs and arms before I let such a friend go who is too busy counting his or her dollars while I am drowning by the pool side.
When times got rough I was standing on my own. Crying and feeling suicidal I look at my phone number and I barely have enough people to comfortably shed my tears to that I call friends. I loosely use the term “friend” for every soul I meet on my runway. Some of the friends we come across simply keep records of our downfalls so when you have a fight with them they are set to expose you, just so you can bow down to them and they can silence you.

Some of the friends we have come across only hang out with us when its comfortable for them. As friends hanging out is too build a connection and to create memories but some just don’t understand that. They will drop you in heart beat once they have a lover and its like you never existed. Some of the friends I have known for years suddenly become too busy to text you or even give a phone call back once they are in a relationship.
At times it’s just better to place people in the category they are meant for or only show up for whether its just for parties, gossip etc. A true friend wouldn’t need a handbook on how they should treat you and respect you. They are there when you open your eyes on a hospital bed. They are there to defend you in your absence. We must not forget that some people are only meant to be in our life to get us to the next point. Its better to let some people go. Especially if they keep hurting you and treating you like a rag while you constantly forgive them. Also you need to let them go if you continue to have the same conversation with them over and over about how you don’t feel appreciated or wanted as a friend.

Written by Biodun Abudu @BiodunAbudu