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Month: June 2016

For He Loves Me

Love brutally fucked me and my tears were its cum. It nutted all over my feelings and it mocked my sanity. It pushed me into the lake of insecurities. I lacked the knowledge of my self worth.

I gave love multiple discounts as it knocked on my door and my legs opened wide despite my battered unrecognizable face. Yes It beats me black and blue but it fucks me so good.

I thought to myself how could I let go of my shelter, my financial support, care and good sex ? So that’s why I let this so called one true love manifest his wickedness into my soul. I walk around looking like billboard full of scars, abuse and pain.

A Prayer for The Wicked

In all selfishness I chose my sanity over anyone and I have no regrets. My circle got smaller only because my anger is capable of shredding a b*tch to pieces or crumbs.
My scars are my truth and I always find the inner strength to pull myself up. In this endless journey i walk on shattered glasses . I swim in my tears and I walk pass my fears and my doubts.
I dine with my enemies even though I clearly see they are going to take away my joy, my sanity and my soul. Even tho they may shade me, throw paint across my hard work and mock my insecurities I will still continue to show them kindness.

Formation World Tour


(Videos from the concert at the bottom)

It was an honor to witness the talent of such a beautiful and hard working lady. I flew in from New York to attend her show in Atlanta on May 1st 2016 at the Georgia Dome stadium.  The show  started with DJ Khaled who brought in a couple of rappers like Rick Ross, T.I, Kent Jones, Yo Gotti, 2Chainz, The Dream, August Alsina, ludacris who rapped along with their popular hits . In the audience was real housewives Kandi, porscha and kenya moore. Also love and hip hop atlanta star’s rasheeda and kirk.

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