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A New York State of Mind

The streets of New York are ever so inspiring and motivating. The city is filled with so many individuals who are on a journey to taste success. Titles and experiences give an edge over the average Joe or the regular Nancy you come across in New York. So as an Author you have to let it be known within the crowd of writers. Even in the circle of dancers if you are a choreographer you have to speak about your title which may open a better avenue for you.

Living in New York the common things people search for to complete their perfect pictures are usually apartments, love, a job, labels, fame and lastly sex well thats for some interesting people I have come across. Whether its 3:30am there is an artist in the studio recording somewhere in one of the boroughs of New York . Lets not forget the Drag Performer that struts around in her living room flipping her fabulous wig or hair getting prepared for a show.

Get in where you fit in but keep in mind, That after tons of endless spending on clothes, having numerous sex-capades, daily or constant procrastinations and years later. You still have to ask yourself this one question “Have I accomplished what I really came to New York City to do ? ” . . .

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  1. stephen Tayo

    Well written Bro…….Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  2. Biodun Abudu

    Thank you Stephen

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