Tales of My Skin by Biodun

By Ameyaw Debrah

The Revised Edition 2015 of Biodun Abudu’s novel ”Tales of My Skin” is now available on Amazon.com for kindle and paperback. This novel talks about what youth and adults of today could possibly be struggling with behind their sealed lips as they are silenced in fear. It creates awareness for HIV/AIDS as well as STD’s. It touches on rape, family neglect and more. Through Tunde’s story it reveals the bitter and raw truth of what most people can identify with but sweep under the rug or keep locked in a box because of culture and tradition.
Brief Summary – From a new and talented writer comes a novel based on a true life story about sex, lust, lies and the pursuit of love. The journey from Africa to America is filled with hopes, dreams and clouds of promise. When the desires of a heart conflict with familial and cultural tradition, choices will be made. Tunde’s story begins with innocence, travels through heartbreak and despair to land in rebirth. What doesn’t kill him, in the end may just save his life.
Website – www.BiodunAbudu.com
Email – info@BiodunAbudu.com

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