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Tales of My Skin by Biodun

Written by Ologunsua Tomi

– From a new and talented writer comes a novel based on a true life story about sex, lust, lies and the pursuit of love. The journey from Africa to America is filled with hopes, dreams and clouds of promise. When the desires of a heart conflict with familial and cultural tradition, choices will be made. Tunde’s story begins with innocence, travels through heartbreak and despair to land in rebirth. What doesn’t kill him, in the end may just save his life.
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Tales of the Blood moon

Two days ago we were talking about our dreams, goals, sharing secrets and the past filled with pain. We toasted to a good life as we awaited for the solar eclipse . As we stood on the roof top watching the beautiful blood moon filled with red bright clouds around it, there became an awkward silence.
I suddenly asked about her father as I noticed she never talks about him ever when she is sharing great news about her mother and sisters.
At the mention of her father’s name she said ” Together we kneel and pray to the most high. He is a well respected man of God. He is a representation of God on earth most people say about him. However he put capital letters in my history of abuse. I remember kneeling at the alter before him as he opened his robe. He told me to lick the cross each time he sprinkled holy water upon me just before he forcefully let himself in me saying I’m the devil and I must be conquered in every way possible” .
There was a sudden pause and she grabbed my hands tight, squeezing it very hard. She looked me in my eyes and said my mother stood by her man despite my cries and confessions. She warned me not to destroy her happiness by trying to tell people around me what was going on. I can shed tears from a heartbreak, miscarriage and more but nothing can compare to what my parents did to me.

A War in My Mind


At the feet of the government I surrender to be a slave. Left in the dark of what is going on at my own door step.  The medications given to us are not really meant to heal us, they slightly get you to a point to return back . You come back to the hospital for a “check up” or an “unnecessary surgery” just to put more money in the doctors pockets. Let’s not forget prescription drugs now kill more people than illegal drugs.

Let’s Talk about Sex

The information below touches on things we neglect or are unaware of. I wanted to share this piece because it is part of what Tunde experiences in my first book “Tales of My Skin”.
Halima Abubakar wrote this information below to explain the dangers of having multiple sexual partners.
 “Every man or woman you have sex with deposits and leaves a part of their soul in you. Most of us haven’t been properly educated about sex.
Does anybody even know ? I mean it is the most powerful force that create life. Most see it as a physical experience, but forget the bond, connection, energy exchange and deep cellular interaction one experiences with their partner.
When men or women decide to have multiple partners, it can send mixed emotional signals inside of the body’s vibration system. People must be careful of different energies or spiritual forces poluting their internal temple.
That imprint can often create illusion of sexual addiction. Ever wonder why they call it sexual intercourse (INTER-Course)? It’s an internal course that unites man and woman, mind with mind, spirit with spirit, or with energy.
This is something that a condom can’t protect you against because energy is behind the elements of all flesh. There is no such thing as “casual” sex or “friends with benefits.” Intimate activity intricately entwines the energies between two people.
Sex creates a powerful exchange of sexual energy between those involved. These connections, imprints and debris are left upon the mind, soul and spirit for a long time because they are not easily purged or cleansed.
This is the concept of how STD’s are also formed, when multiple cellular communities (bodies) come in contact, a virus or bacteria forms. On a physical level we have been educated to use “protection” but on an energy level nobody discuss the effects it creates on one’s mind, body and soul.
It’s too much of a taboo to dicuss and hidden away to avoid. Become aware of what’s going on even if you’ve never heard it before, just think about it, ponder on it, and see the inner wisdom you receive. I won’t call this “story for the gods,’ it is “the gods story.”

A Lustful Journey into Wet Island

Driver roll up the partition please because it hurts trying to look pretty to the fans waving outside when some construction activities are going down under my skirt. A victim I’ve been able to snatch based on lust at first sight is performing a Monica Lewinsky historical moment right in my presidential suite. 
Down under there has been filled with cob webs and ghosts lingering about in confusion. I’m haunted and my heart is lost in paradise, touch me, slap me, kiss me. My wicked tongue can only party with your tongue therefore completing the moist prophecy. 
With your super power I want you to grab my fatty. The watermelon in between my thunder thighs has you drunk in lust. Eat the cake I say with authority ! Lick your lips as you dive your face in and be careful not to waist a drip. The pink flavor is as sweet as skittles. As juicy as a starburst candy. 
I’m just human don’t judge me especially if I get jealous if you take a second to text your wife. For the moment you took to interrupt the interaction going on between my pleasure unit and yours I will have to punish you. Making sure you make my well overflow till I gasp for more air just then I’ll pose getting ready for a new position that you’ve never seen. 
In the position I want you to compliment my body with your palms. Feel the texture of my soft skin. My lips flawless! My booty flawless! I’m naturally blessed head to toe. Go ahead and do justice to my body. Your mine and I’m yours!. Let’s get carried away and when it’s time fulfill our sexual destiny with each other’s vanilla ice cream,  we can then look up into the heavens and scream “ahhh” so passionately.  
Before I go I must sign my name on your pistol “XO” because I was here, I saw and I definitely conquered. I will continue to acknowledge your name every time I decide to pamper myself down under and until then I will wait for you and only you. 
Inspired by beyonce’s album track titles
Copywritten (c) by Biodun Abudu. All rights reserved except for images
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Welcome to Hornywood

Hmm I must say nothing is better than you gagging on my big diamonds! Then accessing the weight of my Gold bar with ur palms and fingers. Feel the texture to make sure it’s what you’ve requested for. I’m only 24 carats long but in every photo shoot session you will come in contact with your wild side!. 11 energy drinks couldn’t even save you from the damage done after. 
Smacking your excess baggage will make you scream but will leave dollar and euro marks printed on your skin. Before I go into the main attraction I have to access the pleasure units. Are the nipples on point like Hershey’s kisses ? Are the under lips wet like a watermelon ? . 
I respect your tongue enough to allow it to bath me with your natural mountain spring waters your mouth produces around my 24 carat gold. Then maybe I can reach over and stimulate your warm inauguration hall before I become president. I see rehearsals aren’t necessary for a professional like yourself so let’s shoot this award winning movie.
The Red alert light is officially on so it’s my turn to make you cry your eyes out. Let me be your addiction, your favorite superstar. The moment you recite my lyrics from your lips then I know I have made my stamp in your hall of fame . With the star plated on your forehead, making sure you forever stay present as my number one fan . 
Copywritten (c) by Biodun Abudu. All rights reserved except for images
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Letters from a Battle Field

As an author I’ve come to an atmosphere where writing helps release my stress, depression and frustration. I wrote my first book ” tales of my skin” for those suffering in silence!. Yes those who have been raped, those who killed themselves along the way and more youth suffering right from birth. Culture has gotten away with so many things even the recent “child not bride” victims. Sigh its so sad to let Culture rape ones sanity and take away their personal space . . .

In as much as an elder can lift up a cutlass to threaten the child, lets not forget the child can also be able to lift it up and just complete the action one special day when the frustration and suffering has piled up way too long!. 

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t born to experience such  a selfish atmosphere. God could have kept me up in the heavens as one of those that hasn’t been sent to earth yet. I’m times of trouble I reach out to my friend for help and they write back is “okay” such is the modern life. I am emotional and angry all the time because all I knew from a kid was pain and fighting forcefully to be heard! . 

I keep saying I’m frustrated and I keep staring at this gun I wonder when I’ll use it. I’ll let my emotions decide on that. Culture has taken the throne of God once again, how many more people will commit murder or commit suicide before the elders realize it’s time to LISTEN!. 

Back then when times were rough I was a suffering human being that lived on 31 dollars every tweeks and I still have to give you 20 dollars as you demanded!.  Based on calculations i lived on 11 dollars. Now you come into my personal space and I don’t mean the regular space!. You have strip me naked and I will fight back with curses from my dry mouth is starving from hunger!. 

You are beginning to phuck with my mind and I am loosing patience. I prayed to God to deliver me from evil but the devil is tapping my shoulders and telling  me that I shouldn’t have any value for life. 

A loved one who lives under the roof off culture was way too selfish to realize a ticking time bomb right in front. We continue to demand for money, time, sex and the the list goes on. One of these days imma get my point across that’s probably when I will gladly spit on your grave for every sad memory, every scar, every condom, every arguement, every vein showing on my neck for screaming to be left alone. 

I am in a world war battle everyday and gasping for air, constantly shedding tears and presenting smiles to the world. Culture has shut my mouth up for way too long and I just wanna take actions as my inner friend tells me to I guess. 

It’s the same culture that raped us for being bad as a punishment, it’s the sane culture that neglects our feelings as human beings forgetting about age, it’s the same culture that sits on God’s throne to kill people because they like something different. How the phuck are your prayers to be answered when u commit such bullshit and say its “our culture”. 

Lord above answer your son before its way too late seems like no human being understands anymore. Even the devil wouldn’t recognize the fellow I am forced to say I love and the same fellow that made me write this . . . 


We all have that one shady mofo that acts up when the drive is so smooth, from paradise it turns to a battlefield or a mystery case. I ain’t a crime solver or detector but I’m currently a bitch that has to address this glitch . So listen!
After numerous condoms years and after shower centuries it’s still depressing that at your historical age you still can’t understand the meaning of communication except when you under my sheets . Quite pathetic but I guess life doesn’t guarantee smart or mature  people all the time.  Nigga you preached about maturity and being real but you presented the total opposite.
 You baked a cake called “shadiness” and instead of going into world war 6 with you imma just give you a slice of the cake you baked. Now you don’t exist on this earth as far as I’m concerned and if anyone asks me of your pathetic behind more than likely I will say “is that fool still alive?” . 

Its so frustrating to walk a mile with a so called adult and along the way i have to pat your doggy ears to know how you feel. Its extremely weird when you suddenly stop answering my calls , text messages. I mean after numerous kisses, movie tickets, dinner dates I’m still in a state of shock. I feel robbed of my precious time!

PG 25

My bed is surrounded by velvet ropes and guitars and with my birthday suit I’m totally ready for Bed War 7.

However I got intimidated when suddenly a halo floated over his magic stick I guess I may need an alteration right before he opens up my golden gates . The first moment I felt the first attempt I suddenly started to hear the voice within telling me to exhale. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that all major condoms were accepted because now my bed mate is about to pierce me open with a XXXL magnum a smaller or regular type woulda been just fine.

1 Cake 1 Throne

I am your leader , I am the ultimate Svengali , Benjamin Franklin’s Bitch and Queen Elizabeth’s Bestie. A majestical and edible gift that your mind can gulp at its convenience . I’m the last temptation behind door number 3 with a body like a CL5 that even Pharaoh and Nefertiti numerously tried to test the drive .

Medications prescribed by historical figures couldn’t take my presence away. Not even a lame little fellow could cast me away . My empire grows and surpasses my enemies and along the way I make a quick stop to see their hateful silly faces.

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