Love brutally fucked me and my tears were its cum. It nutted all over my feelings and it mocked my sanity. It pushed me into the lake of insecurities. I lacked the knowledge of my self worth.

I gave love multiple discounts as it knocked on my door and my legs opened wide despite my battered unrecognizable face. Yes It beats me black and blue but it fucks me so good.

I thought to myself how could I let go of my shelter, my financial support, care and good sex ? So that’s why I let this so called one true love manifest his wickedness into my soul. I walk around looking like billboard full of scars, abuse and pain.

I made pain look so good and I slayed with a mask to hide my truth. In our home we cooked with unique utensils of destruction. We ate night after night from the expensive plates of deceit, lies, pain and sorrow. Breakfast was served daily with verbal abuses and not for once did I defend myself.

At the confessional booth I told the priest to pray that freedom and strength finds me because I feel death lurking around the corner. Not mine but ours, me and my lover because I don’t wanna be alone. I don’t know how to walk away and let go just like that .

Written by Biodun Abudu


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