When i’m at war with myself I just write. True freedom for me has always been through writing. Writing is being able to grab a pen and just pour out the thoughts of suicide, heartbreak and more into a paper. It is a process of releasing the pain that hides behind a smile. It’s a moment where I take a deep breath and I open my eyes with tears rolling down assuring me its the beginning stage to overcome the pain.

Not everyone will be available to listen to us talk even if we were giving our last speech on a cliff about to jump. I take slow steps into the deep ocean of tradition, culture at times and become the voice for those who have been silenced by fear. I write on what has affected me at one point in life or still currently lingers around my neck strangling me behind closed doors.
I write about pain, bloody abominations, dark secrets, sugar coated insecurities, erotic day dreams, fantasies and love. Writing takes me into an atmosphere where I am able to bathe in my own flaws, my unknown and known sins and more. Splashing reality upon so many faces on topics we neglect. There is work to be done especially when many of us have taken seats next to God, believing they are perfect and know it all.

Written by Biodun Abudu @BiodunAbudu