Chanel No 12  – So when are we posting our Halloween singles and pictures 

Mother BloodPool – When the sacrifice commences and we have found our sex slaves to kneel before us.

Chanel No 12 – Bitch. U ain’t a countess. All I know is that you are going to wear a costume. If there is a party you are most likely going to go, and come back home and stuff your face in baked chicken and wine

Mother BloodPool – I am a grand bitch and an exclusive master witch. Different from a countess that is on your TV screen. No i’m going to wear my costume and when its dark take a base ball bat to hit people.

Chanel No 12 – Base ball bat…..??!!!! I Love you and I Liveeee!!!!

Mother BloodPool – Lmaoooooo I love u too But really that’s what Halloween is for, for those that seek revenge

Chanel No 12 – Lmaoo revenge ?

Mother BloodPool – When you wear a costume and smack someone with a stick. There are plenty people wearing a mask. How will they identify you ?

Chanel No 12 –  Like a fucking pinyata. Lmao so mean !!!

Mother Blood Pool – Yesssssss darling. I will be waiting at my ex door . Leave that mofo bloody like he on his period

Chanel No 12 – Lmaooooooooooooooooooooo Come through!!!!!!!!! Add the ex… yasssss Smack the motherfucker

Mother BloodPool – yes darling

Chanel No 12 – How was the haunted house you went to yesterday?

Mother BloodPool – It was not scary enough. They had the bloody clowns, gothic beings and more but i didn’t even feel scared.

Chanel No 12 – If you wanted something scarier then you probably wanted to see real demons

Mother BloodPool – Boring haunted houses, i need a real scare

Chanel No 12 – Lmaoo, I can’t with you!!!

Mother BloodPool – Someone should offer their body as donations to the show so we can see how they cut them. Actually there should be a black out friday where a group of ten people will use one glow stick to find their way out from the 25th floor . In each floor there will be snakes, angry lions, cannibals, zombies and more.

Chanel No 12 – My gosh your so weird. You are just a wicked bitch with abnormal thoughts

Mother BloodPool – yes darling and i love it. The real fun goes on in my head. This world is boring, if only the movies we make could become real events.

Written and created by Biodun Abudu @BiodunAbudu

Copyright 2015 © by Biodun Abudu