Tales of My Skin by Biodun

By Nosa irabor

Rape, Fear, Prostitution, Sex, Homo. This was the story of Tunde. When you walk past these young individuals you would never imagine many of them may have been raped, mistreated, or sexually abused by male and even female family members. Or that some have been the victim of such abuse by a trusted neighbor or frequent babysitter.

The journey from Africa to America is filled with hopes, dreams and clouds of promise. When the desires of a heart conflict with familial and cultural tradition, choices will be made. Tunde’s story begins with innocence, travels through heartbreak and despair to land in rebirth.

This book speaks nothing but the bitter truth and splashes reality on our faces
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About the Author

1442595883_172.56.35.116Biodun Abudu
Biodun Abudu was born in Rhode Island, USA but comes from a Nigerian background. When he is not writing, he works as a choreogapher and fashion designer. In 2011, he graduated with an A.S. degree in Fashion Design and a B.A. in Merchandising Management with an emphasis on Fashion Merchandising
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